Kim Greco

Thank you so much Eleni for talking so openly and honestly about such a personal and important issue, especially in today's society. It's so important as a parent to be prepared and to be armed with knowledge of what troubling signs to look for and also how to communicate with your kids in the right way, so we can help & support them as much as possible. I feel like this topic is so important and all parents should be aware, whether you have a child, friend or even a family member that has been affected or not. Knowledge is power.

Eleni speaks from the heart and is so dedicated and passionate about this cause. 

I think you should be commended on doing such a fantastic job trying to educate more people about this disease. 

Thank you once again for such an interesting and insightful evening.


Just wanted to say thank you for a very informative evening where you ran a session on eating disorders. It was an evening where the time invested gave a great return. Thank you for sharing your own personal exepriences as that certainly makes it real.

This evening was particularly interesting for myself and relevant given that I have two teenage daughters 16 & nearly 14.

Your tips on effective communication was very helpful and there were many I could use more effectively with my daughters. Your information regarding things parents can do to prevent eating disorders was a good reminder. 

For myslef I appreciated the handout on green and red lights for exercise behaviours. I need to remind myself on these healthy behaviours more often.

Thank you.