"Eleni was like the opening address by Lisa.
Her own life challenges, knowledge and practical application should have been heard by the whole SUMMIT.  This hidden topic of mental health, I deal with every day as I am sure many other trainers do.  To hear it from experience and as a PT was priceless.  Eleni was real, and engaged her audience!   It was something FILEX doesn't have and should have more of!  PTs that have been through much to help others.  What Eleni has done with her life to change others is incredible - she even had two women break down within her lecture as they were dealing today with a daughter with anorexia and another who has had it.  So...... please more experienced/practicals  like Eleni!" Filex 2017

Laura D

"This was a standout session for me. An issue I strongly agree with that is under managed in the fitness industry. The BEST and most passionate presenter I've ever seen!" Filex 2017

rachel c

"Eleni was excellent ... first time presenting at Filex & did a great job. Really knows her topic.
Vital we understand more about "eating disorders"  to better help clients recognise, deal with & overcome these issues." Filex 2017

rachel l

Great combination of professional knowledge and personal experience, the presenters passion was very evident and she gave a new way of looking at this issue. Filex 2017

sheree c

Eleni was speaking 100% from the heart!  Her experience and truth was shared in a way that aloowed fresh perspective to the factors that contribute to loss of control in a females' (in particular) life.  Those early moments that strike a chord and that sharing of emotion was real and genuine.  Her tireless efforts to empower the female jail population I hope bring her fulfilment and more courage to pursue her crusade.  I would definitely attend another session that Eleni was running :) Filex 2017

julian e

"This issue needs to be addressed more. Too many PT's are giving out rubbish advice on what they believe their clients should and shouldn't eat and in some cases this is resulting in people developing body image problems which leads to         disordered eating and eating disorders." Filex 2017