BrazenGrowth offers a few different services. These services are focussed on the connected relationship of mental, physical and social health.


Brazengrowth offers courses for fitness industry professionals and the community.

Fitness Industry professional development on Identifying and Managing Eating Disorders. 

Community courses include:

  • "The Effect of the Fitspo Message on Health"
  • Upcoming Course Soon. Watch this space!


ROUNDTABLE conversations

Real discussions on issues that have a lot of stigma attached are the basis of these conversations. The discussions include eating disorders, coping with depression and self-image. These conversation topics will be added to regularly depending on suggestions. Roundtable Conversations can be held to suit your need. 



Personal training for total health! According to the World Health Organisation the definition of health is " a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Our physical, mental and social health are interconnected. To have these in balance is to promote total health.

The benefits of physical activity on mental health are well researched. BrazenGrowth is aware of managing unhealthy eating and exercise behaviours. Having a balance of physical activity, sound nutrition and support is of utmost importance to promote physical and mental health.



Brazengrowth provides mentoring for Eating Disorder Recovery, coping with depression, self-acceptance and goal setting. Brazengrowth understands the benefit of having support to help personal growth and coping through challenges.