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Exercise: This is How I am Feeling

Consider this scenario:

Julie was communicating with a friend who said he would hang out with her on the weekend, which was a couple of days away. The night before they were due to meet, he messaged and said ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at 12:30 at Circular Quay”. He did not turn up and did not reply to any of her messages or answer any of her calls. She asked if he was ok but he still did not reply. He had done this a couple of times before. Initially she was angry and cursed him, calling him hurtful names and questioning how could he do this to her again. She then was concerned for his well-being. As time went on, Julie took this  personally. She had no other plans and started to feel lonely and isolated. She felt that she was lied to often and this made her feel angry. The loneliness made her feel worthless. ‘I am never going to mean anything to anyone.’ ‘I am a loser.’ ‘I am not good enough.’

She jumped onto an online dating site and arranged to meet someone that night, just for the company. She had never met this person before and ended up having sex with him. After he left, she disliked herself even more.

Using the emotions below, drag the top three emotions you would feel and place them on the position on the body where you feel them.

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