BrazenGrowth exists to educate and encourage people to break the stigma on mental health issues.

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Module 1 – Self Reflection

  • Welcome to your first steps towards change!

  • We highly recommend that you start a journal for yourself as you work through this support program.
    All our behaviours begin with our thoughts. So the first module of this program involves some self-reflection. This will provide an opportunity to examine the beliefs we have of ourselves based on our life experiences and relationships.
    Sometimes the negative beliefs we have of ourselves are not accurate, but because we have believed them for so long, we actually think they are true and so we may act accordingly in order to make ourselves feel better about who we are.
    Even though self reflection may be difficult to do, it is an opportunity to look at these beliefs from a new perspective and begin the road to healthier thoughts and behaviours.
  • This is a placeholder only: the video below will be the recorded welcome video.

  • This module requires you to complete some questionnaires. These are for your own personal reflection, however it is your choice if you wish to discuss any part of these in a one on one session with Inger or Eleni. There will also be scheduled live Q & A sessions for each module as another opportunity for discussion.

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