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Eating Disorder to Incarceration

I am sure many people may get confused when my work involves both helping women with a criminal record and then also education around mental illness and in particular eating disorders.
It is the thought that I had for both the behaviours of anorexia and just before I broke the law that were one and the same: “If I don’t do this, I won’t be of value”.
All I do now comes from unlearning this thought pattern that I lived with for decades. They are not separate issues. Our thoughts, whether healthy or unhealthy can determine our decisions.
The key is to GET HELP for UNHEALTHY THOUGHTS EARLY before you live with these for decades. I wished for me that this help came in my teenage years instead of decades later.
Thank you Katie Turner Media for having me share on your podcast this week. Here is a snippet, but you can hear the full podcast titled “The Incarceration Switch” here

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