lizzie B

"I completed this course last year and not only do I feel confident in identifying the warning signs of a client with a potential eating disorder, I also know how to develop an exercise programme to assist in improving their health. The most valuable take away from this course for me was the type of language to use when working alongside these clients to build trust, confidence and rapport. This course was not only research based but it was personal, so I was really able to grasp a better understanding of eating disorders and the experiences of a client suffering from one. Thank you BrazenGrowth." - 


Lizzie Baxter Health & Fitness
Head Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness Frenchs Forest
Bachelor of Health Science

Inger O

Having a history of disordered eating and exercise behaviours my interest in this field has increased when became aware that more of my clients displayed the same unhealthy behaviours. I wanted to know how to communicate and manage these clients. Eleni's course provided me with further insights into disordered behaviours along with practical applications in order to manage my clients. This course was invaluable in today's society, where disordered behaviours are being heavily promoted. 

Inger Ohlsson 

Flex Success Coach


Mental Health First Aid Course

"This course provided me with valuable learning experiences that are applicable to various aspects in my life. Not only was the content and resources we received extremely useful in developing my understanding of a variety of mental illnesses, the stories and lived experiences that Eleni so bravely discussed were valuable lessons that cannot be taught through a textbook. Eleni was such a brilliant instructor and created an environment that allowed the participants to be open and vulnerable in a non-judgmental environment. Although the content we were covering may have been confronting or overwhelming for some, through Eleni's bravery to open up and share her story this had a ripple effect onto us and taught us that it is okay to express exactly how we are feeling and reassure us that there are always people there to listen. I couldn't recommend this course more to people and I strongly encourage as many people to participate in this course as possible. Truly such a valuable course and I can't thank Eleni enough for her courage and strength she showed through telling her story. She is the reason this course resonated with me so much. Thank you for this wonderful learning experience!"

Mental Health First Aid Course - Workplace 

Eleni is an exceptionable trainer. She knew her training material and offered personal anecdotes and scenarios that assisted discussion and put the trainees at ease. I enjoyed the discussions, the exercises and the videos and the discussions afterwards identifying the ‘do’s and don’t’ when interacting with people suffering from psychosis and depression. With mental illness affecting one in five Australians in any given year, and a class of 5, there was bound to be someone in the room affected by mental illness either directly or directly, and this could easily trigger some emotional response. However, Eleni created a safe learning environment and throughout the two days, I felt that we were all in safe hands. She checked in constantly that everyone in the room was travelling ok. MHFA training is essential training and every workplace must engage and skill up their staff and provide the tools to handle a mental health crisis in the work place and within the wider community. It’s the first and crucial step in eliminating the stigma that unfortunately exists.