lizzie B

"I completed this course last year and not only do I feel confident in identifying the warning signs of a client with a potential eating disorder, I also know how to develop an exercise programme to assist in improving their health. The most valuable take away from this course for me was the type of language to use when working alongside these clients to build trust, confidence and rapport. This course was not only research based but it was personal, so I was really able to grasp a better understanding of eating disorders and the experiences of a client suffering from one. Thank you BrazenGrowth." - 


Lizzie Baxter Health & Fitness
Head Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness Frenchs Forest
Bachelor of Health Science

Inger O

Having a history of disordered eating and exercise behaviours my interest in this field has increased when became aware that more of my clients displayed the same unhealthy behaviours. I wanted to know how to communicate and manage these clients. Eleni's course provided me with further insights into disordered behaviours along with practical applications in order to manage my clients. This course was invaluable in today's society, where disordered behaviours are being heavily promoted. 

Inger Ohlsson 

Flex Success Coach