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Female Ex-Offenders, Discrimination and Work

Nov 26,20

The sentence of a criminal record does not end when you have ‘done your time’. Discrimination for employment is one …

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Men’s Mental Health Show Podcast – Ladies Day

Nov 21,20

I had the honour of sharing some of my journey from anorexia to prison and the thought patterns that I …

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From Prison to Award Finalist

Oct 11,20

At the first visit with my forensic psychologist, she said ‘One day you will walk with your head held high.’ …

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How I Knew I Had Recovered from Anorexia

Oct 11,20

You might think that it is strange that I have these prison food labels. I found them amongst cards and …

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Strong Healthy Women Interview

Jun 19,20

Quite stoked to be featured in #StrongHealthyWomen this month! This pretty much sums up why I do what I do …

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Peace in the Midst of Messy Imperfection

Jun 13,20

Fix it! Change it! I don’t like the way this is making me feel!   How many times over and …

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Fitness First Webinar: Training More than the Body

May 23,20

My experience in the fitness industry has been a major part of my personal mental health plan. To be involved …

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Physical Activity, Isolation and Mental Health

Apr 18,20

We have heard it and research proves that physical activity can improve both physical and mental health. It is easy …

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Isolation, Time and YOU

Apr 3,20

What do you fill your days in isolation? Time is a weird concept. When you have an established routine of …

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