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Brazengrowth's services all revolve around supporting and promoting total health, including physical, mental and social health, with the aim of developing a positive sense of self worth for individuals. The services include personal training, mentoring, community education, and professional development for the fitness industry. 



The word 'brazen' means to be bold and unashamed. Brazengrowth sees life's challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn boldly and unashamedly. With support, it can be during these challenges that we are set free from negative thoughts and behaviours that may have had us bound, making unhealthy choices and decisions. 


our mission

brazenGrowth exists to educate and support people to challenge negative thought patterns that hold them back from LIVING TO THEIR









BrazenGrowth has had a number of highlights since its foundation in 2015. I hope that being bold and walking through the doors of opportunity as they present, will provide further opportunities to break the stigma and open discussion on issues that are often the "elephant in the room". The aim being promotion of  positive self-worth so that people can live their lives to the fullest. BrazenGrowth hopes to add to these highlights often!


In 2015, 3027 died by suicide in Australia. That is one person every 3 hours.  This event hopes to engage people in real conversations about the things we often do not talk about. The funds raised will go to the not-for-profit, grassroots organisation, Australians for Mental Health. The members of this organisation have personal experience with a range of mental illnesses and have lost loved ones to suicide. One of their aims is to increase treatment and early intervention for mental health care.  

Speakers will share their story of mental illness. and include Joe Williams ex NRL superstar and boxing champion, speaking about suicide prevention. 

Ticket price includes 2-course dinner, drinks, entertainment and speakers. A silent auction will be held during the evening. Thank you to DYRSL and LJ Hooker Dee Why for supporting the event.

Get your tickets now by clicking here



centre for eating and dieting disorders

In 2015, I arranged to meet with Dr. Sarah Maguire, Director of the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD) at RPA Hospital, for feedback on the workshop I had written "Managing and Identifying Eating Disorders in the Fitness Industry".  To be asked as a result of this meeting to head up a steering committee to review the guidelines that were previously written on this topic by the CEDD, was an honour. I have headed this committee alongside other fitness professionals, Dr. Sarah Maguire and Professor Jonathan Mond. The newly edited guidelines will be available soon! The Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders is a valuable site for seeking medical experts in this field. Visit them here:

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filex 2016 inspiration award

Filex is the pinnacle event for the Australian Fitness Industry, where over 2000 people come together to learn from experts in the field. To win the Filex 2016 Inspiration award for raising awareness of mental health and eating disorders was an encouragement to pursue my efforts. Click on the link below to view a snippet of my journey to this point:




The Women's Justice Network (formerly WIPAN) is an organisation, which through it's award winning mentoring program, reduces recidivism of women affected by the criminal justice system. Becoming a board member of the Women's Justice Network provided an opportunity to speak for a few minutes at the Empowering Women - Changing Lives breakfast at Parliament House, Macquarie Street Sydney, in September 2016. I introduced the keynote speaker, Baroness Jean Corston and was able to reflect on my experience to highlight the issues that affect women pre, during and post release from prison. This had to be one off the scariest yet boldest  moments of my life and to receive a standing ovation was empowering. My vision is to help people that have created their own 'prisons' and those that have been literally imprisoned, many because of poor decisions due to low self-worth.  



Filex 2017 presenter

Being selected to be a presenter at Filex on the topic of "Identifying and Managing Eating Disorders in the Fitness Industry" was a 30 year goal achieved. To bring an understanding of these serious mental health issues to fitness professionals and discuss ways in which to identify and manage clients within a team of allied health professionals is an honour and much needed. 

I will be presenting at the National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference on August 7, 2017 on the Gold Coast. My session is called "Defining Health: Identifying and Managing Eating Disorders in the Fitness Industry". To be chosen to present alongside high calibre speakers from the medical and health profession will be a highlight and an honour. The theme of this conference is physical health and mental wellbeing, the backbone of all that BrazenGrowth bases it's services on. You can register for this conference here:


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